1x Authentic XXL MONSTER Lake Akan Marimo (4.0″-5.0″)

1x Authentic XXL MONSTER Lake Akan Marimo (4.0″-5.0″)


These are the best specimens you are able to find on the internet, period. You will receive 1 amazing unit per order. These are serious collector-grade authentic marimo sourced directly from Lake Akan in Hokkaido, Japan. We are the internet’s only source of authorized Akan Marimo importers. You will not be disappointed. These are the real deal — you won’t find specimens like ours anywhere else on the internet. These are only for the serious marimo afficionado or collector.

As you will recall from reading MossBall.com articles, there exist three naturally-occurring forms of marimo in the wild: free-floating form, carpet form, and ball form. Of these three forms, the most famous and popular form is the ball form that we have come to know as “marimo.”

In order to grow environmentally sustainable authentic Lake Akan marimo in our facility, we source our Aegagropila Linnaei directly from Lake Akan — hand-collecting the free-floating, and carpet forms. In our facility, our Aegagropila Linnaei stock is placed in a large tank with a filtration system that simulates the strong naturally-occurring lake currents of Lake Akan. After several months, tiny marimo begin forming from our Aegagropila Linnaei stock.

Our marimo are immersed in our in-house aquafiers with our custom CO2 water dispersement system as part of the stage of marimo cultivation. After several months, the abundant CO2 in our water allows for the marimo to grow extremely densely as they would in the wild. We offer them for sale after reaching a size of 1.0 – 2.0″ for our smaller products, and 4.0 – 5.0″ for our large marimo. Due to the tedious and expensive nature of this process, our marimo are priced accordingly. Our customers can rest assured that they are receiving the real deal and not a cheap hand-rolled product.


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