Fun Packaging Ideas for Marimo Balls as Gifts

Fun Packaging Ideas for Marimo Balls as Gifts

Marimo moss balls can make a thoughtful gift for friends who enjoy aquariums or water plants. These filamentous green algae seem to have a free will of their own in how they sink and float in tanks, which makes them all the more enjoyable.

Originating from lakes in Japan, Iceland, Estonia and Scotland, the waters’ flow churns the algae around, allowing it to naturally grow into its small, spherical shape. Easily
purchased through our website, they require little maintenance and can serve as a nice addition to spruce up your friend’s work or living space.

Once acquired, you’ll want to tastefully package your marimo moss ball before presenting it as a gift. Something that’s small and lightweight should do the trick so that it’s easy to carry and present.

Packaging Ideas:
1. The first idea is to present it in a lightbulb. The unique shape of the bulb allows for a nearly totally 360 degree view of the ball and adds a sense of curiosity to the gift.

2. If it’s Christmas time, the idea could easily be converted into a tree ornament. Given the plant’s green hue, you’ll want to color the back side of the bulb white so that it doesn’t fade away into the tree.

3. Another idea is to place it inside an empty, see-through perfume bottle, especially if it possesses an ornate or classy design. It’s important to clean it out thoroughly, otherwise the residual chemicals could harm the plant.

4. For your quirkier friends, you might create a marimo moss ball necklace. Purchase a small, see-through container at your local craft store, attach and tie a brown leather thread and voila, they have surefire conversation-icebreaker around their neck.

However you choose to package your marimo moss ball gift, your friends are sure to cherish the small, slow-growing plant. And if they suddenly run into good fortune, you’ll know why: the Japanese believe that taking care of marimo moss balls brings good luck.

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