Getting Creative With Marimo

Growing Marimo as an Art Form

We love. It is the core of the human existence to give and receive this powerful emotion.  We love our family, we love our friends (most of them!), but can we love a plant?  Well, most sources reveal that you can and in fact, it is often encouraged.  This is the art of growing Marimo Moss Balls. Watch the Colors: The coloring is very important to this plant.  It is a tell-tale sign that something may be wrong. If you notice more than [...]


Marimo Home Decorative Ideas

The domestic Marimo Ball is a very low-maintenance addition to any water-inclusive environment and can actually lower the algae control needs of the area in which it is placed. Marimo are rumored to attract both the heart’s desire (in love) and good luck; with that kind of positive reputation, who wouldn’t want to work some Marimo magic into their space? Marimo are versatile in their care needs and decorative potential, and thus can make a lovely addition to any space [...]


The Feng Shui of Marimo Balls

The Marimo  literally means “ball seaweed” in Japanese. It is more commonly referred to as a Moss Ball in English. It is a unique form of green algae that can be found in only a few places around the world. Although they were initially discovered in Austria in the early 1800s, today they are usually found in Japan, Iceland, and other countries with similar northern climates. What may seem like a simple ball of algae is actually a highly [...]