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Marimo Ball Basics

Their fun shape, movement, and minimal care requirements make marimo moss balls an attractive addition to plant bowls and freshwater aquariums. Not actually a moss, marimo balls (Aegagropila linnaei, also known as Cladophora balls and lake balls) are rare spherical-shaped, noninvasive algae with a velvet-like appearance. The species are native to Lake Akan in Japan, where they are designated as a national treasure and believed to bring good luck. Also found in parts of Europe and Iceland, they are considered endangered [...]


Health Problems of Marimo Balls: Color Indicators

The Universal Popularity of Marimo:Marimo’s popularity stems not only from their unique round shape, but the fact that they are also incredibly simple to care for and can live for nearly a hundred years. They have decorative value, both in aquariums or on their own in vases. Marimo will rise, sink, and roll around in the container it is placed in. While these movements are only a response to the levels of light a Marimo is exposed to; many [...]