Getting Creative with Marimo

Although abundant scientific and biological information regarding Marimo exists, sometimes, it's important to wind down and have a little fun.

A New Art: A New Age Marimo

The Marimo Moss Ball sways gently in its small aquarium.

Marimo Home Decorative Ideas

The domestic Marimo Ball is a very low-maintenance addition to any water-inclusive environment

The Feng Shui of Marimo Balls

The Marimo  literally means “ball seaweed” in Japanese.

The Power of Marimo to Heal a Broken Heart

The beauty of Marimo Moss Balls, sometimes called Moss Balls or Japanese Moss Balls,

Fun Packaging Ideas for Marimo Balls as Gifts

Marimo moss balls can make a thoughtful gift for friends who enjoy aquariums or water plants. These filamentous green algae seem to have a free will of their own in how they sink and float in tanks, which makes them all the more enjoyable.

Marimo as a Form of Creative Artistic Expression

Marimo balls are spherical shaped algae found in the lakes of Japan, Iceland, and Estonia.  Th

Packaging Marimo as Gifts

A marimo ball or moss ball is a type of alga that grows into the shape of a sphere.

Marimo Balls: Keeping a Rare Good Luck Treasure

The Marimo ball is native to Akan Lake in Japan and is also found in a number of lak

Marimo as "Love Plants"

At first glance, a Marimo Ball may look like one of the fuzzy tribbles of Star Trek

The Best Music to Listen to While Enjoying your Marimo

Marimo in the lake, marimo in the terrarium.


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