A Bit of Marimo History and Science

The Marimo is a curious natural oddity that only exists in a couple of freshwater lakes throughout the world -- with Lake Akan in Hokkaido Japan containing the most prominent specimens. Over the years, biologists have gained a better understanding of Marimo and their evolution.

How We Raise Environmentally Sustainable Authentic Lake Akan Marimo at MossBall.com

As you will recall from reading previous articles on MossBall.com, there exist three naturally-occurring forms of marimo in the wild: free-floating form, carpet form, and ball form.

The Origins of the "Marimo" Name of Cladophora Aegagropila

Legend has it that long ago the daughter of a chief from a tribe living near Lake Ak

A History of the Marimo's Plight

In the mid-1920's marimo in Lake Akan were greatly affected by both thievery and decreases in

A Walk Along the Shores of Lake Akan, and a Journey to the Past

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A Brief History of the Marimo, and Some Fun Facts

The Aegagropila linnaei, otherwise known as the Marimo Moss Ball, is a species of fi

A History of Marimo Taxonomy

Your marimo will grow in room temperature tap water, changed every o

Their Ancestors Lived in the Sea?

For marimo to grow to the size of a baseball, it was often said, would take between 150 to 200 years. Recently, however, it was revealed that the marimo's growth rate is not unduly slow but rather recent water conditions are not conducive to their growth.

Marimo's Survival Techniques in Nature

Marimo are photosynthetic plants but can subsist in murky water with the scantest amount of sunlight.

The Maximum Size of Marimo in Nature

The Natural and Forced Deaths of Marimo

Above: A marimo flattened by the winter ice which covers Lake Akan.


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