Basic Marimo Care Tips

For beginners that are just starting out with keeping Marimo, this is a great section to understand the basics.

Marimo Ball Basics

Their fun shape, movement, and minimal care requirements make marimo moss balls an attractive

Picking the Right Fit of Marimo for your Windowsill Jar

Basic Care Instructions:

Why Do Marimo Become Spherical?

Marimo live at the bottom of Lake Akan, a mysterious lake nestled be

The Natural Environmental Conditions of Wild Marimo

Locale:  Japan, Iceland, Estonia, Scotland

Basic Marimo Temperature and Water Requirements

Despite the “moss balls” moniker, Aegagropila linnaei is actually a unique form of w

Several Properties and Care Techniques for Marimo

Japanese legend has it that Marimos are the result of a star-crossed metamorphosis o

The Biological Properties of Marimo Balls

With the recent surge in enthusiasm among collectors and hobbyists for marimo moss b

How to Identify Natural Marimo Moss Balls

One of the most popular plants in Japan is now becoming so

The Low Maintenance Aspect of Marimo as Pets

Marimo Moss Balls have received increasing popularity in recent years due in

The Importance of Removing Growth Inhibitors from a Marimo Tank

These spherically-shaped balls of algae are be considered to be a national treasure


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