Advanced Marimo Care Techniques

For Marimo keepers looking to accelerate the growth of their Marimo, or to simply take their Marimo hobby to the next level, this section is for you.

An Advanced CO2 Injection Technique for Marimo Balls

Aegagropila linnaei, most commonly referred to as the Marimo Moss ball, is a rare an

The Unique Biology of Cladophora

The bottom of Lake Akan is inhabited by miraculously spherical algae called "marimo.

The Various Growth Forms and Artificial Cultivation of Marimo

Marimo moss balls are a unique species of algae that form

Differentiating Between Natural and Various Man-Made Marimo Forms

Once you see the cute, alien-like appearance of marimo balls for yourself, you’ll un

Differentiating Between Naturally-Occurring and Farm-Raised Marimo Balls

Two Additional Methods for Accelerating Marimo Growth Rates With CO2

Marimo Moss Balls are part of the Cladorphoracaea family of filamentous green algae that form

Technical PH, Temperature, and CO2 Levels for Optimal Marimo Growth

Marimo Moss Balls, also known as Rising Japanese Moss Ball

Growing Your Own Personal Colony of Marimo Balls

The Marimo Moss Ball is a beautiful spherical algae ball,

Building a Marimo Colony via the Splitting Method of Propagation

Aegagropila linnaei, known in Japanese as “marimo,” is a species of green algae foun

Accelerating Marimo Growth with CO2

First of all, Marimo Moss Balls are not really moss.


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